We imagined a
Packaging Machine
Tending Robot

Humanoid Robotics is poised to emerge as

the future of packaging in the coming years

Cyborg Line is a high-tech startup founded in 2021.
We are a spin-off of Altopack SpA (IT) and industrial partner of Halodi Robotics SA (NOR). Our R&D center is based in Bologna (Italy’s “packaging valley”).

Benefits of integrated robotic packaging include reduced production and labor costs; lower risk of personnel injury; elimination of errors; enhanced productivity, efficiency and accuracy; ability to keep up with production speeds; reduced risk of contamination during the packaging process; additional flexibility, reliability and versatility.

Altopackwas founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Altopascio (Tuscany). The company manufactures automatic machines for packaging and case packing, mainly for grain-based products. Thanks to its more than 30 IP all over the world, its mechatronic solutions are considered best-in-class equipment in several sectors, such as pasta, rice and couscous.

Halodi was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Moss (Norway). The company is an innovative international startup that has developed a unique robotic solution using revolutionary patented components and technology which is safe, capable and affordable.

Faithful to its innovative spirit, ALTOPACK has identified the missing link in the evolution towards total automation of packaging lines. A cutting-edge technology, developed by an internal start-up company, capable of generating incredible benefits.

Driven by the desire to free human beings from all the frustrating, repetitive operations with no added value that are required to fully run a product packaging line, CYBORG LINE teaches robots how to autonomously cooperate with any type of automatic machine to pack every kind of product.

In this way, we believe that the operators’ physical and mental energies will be directed towards intellectual activities to support the continuous improvement of production processes and working conditions.

We see a forthcoming future with advanced industrial plants supervised by men but fully automated and equipped with intelligent, autonomous and interconnected production systems.
That’s why we develop humanoid robots that are able to interact both with automatic packaging machines, feeding them with consumables during production, and with the manufacturer during their maintenance activities.

Ready for the 5th Industrial Revolution.